Okusinza Mu Luganda Men's Ministry

The church is a peculiar organisation, led by males, but dominated by women in Church pews – who are the most regular attendees.
The role of OML’s Men’s leader is to make sure our community males are not left behind; otherwise the Church will gain a reputation as a ladies club in the minds of men.
Women are important at Okusinza Mu Luganda, they bring positive energy, keep things running, and many are remarkably committed. However, this needs to be supplemented by men’s unique abilities to bring balance and a solid foundation for Okusinza’s growth. Recent events like the fundraising for the modernisation of our church music equipment, Christmas carols evenings, and re-launching of the Sunday school – all show the complementary strengths of each gender to be a powerful force in the life of OML.
We need to draw more men into the church, and when they are there to contribute to resources, and the running of the church generally. Men should also take it upon themselves to encourage the next generation especially boys, who may otherwise withdraw from church if Dad is not involved(it could be Uncle, etc).
Okusinza Church is currently going from strength to strength, let’s keep it that way, and equally let’s have more male involvement alongside women. So if you are a Church going man, do not take a back seat, step up to serve your OML.

Ron Lutaaya
Sabaami OML – 2010/15.

Our Mission


Encourage the men to be loving, effective leaders and teachers in the church and in the home by living godly examples.


Support the men in labour to provide for their families and support for the ministry of the church with responsible stewardship for their substance.


Develop leadership skills in the men's personal lives and in their homes with the hope that God uses them for His glory in a local body of believers.

Our Philosophy

FFenna Tusa Kimu.

To create and provide the Godly principles for the guidance of the Ugandan man in practical everyday affairs.

We will encourage men to form trusting relationships. To provide a place or forum to forge good strong friendships which over time will become open enough for conversation about men stuff.

To provide a sense of adventure and challenge to the typical man.To create an environment that makes the Christian faith accessible to the average Ugandan man.

To equip the church with the tools and resources that will make church a great place for a future husband, son and friend.

Our Team

  • Leader

    Stephen Kafeero

    2015 - Present. It is a pleasure to serve you and my Almighty God.
  • Member

    James Mulondo

    2015 - Present. It is a pleasure to serve you and my Almighty God.
  • Member

    Jaspa Ntege

    2015 - Present. It is a pleasure to serve you and my Almighty God.
  • Member

    Malcolm Kiza

    2015 - Present. It is a pleasure to serve you and my Almighty God.